As things quiet down in December, make use of the lull and gear up for success in the New Year; and I don’t just mean by setting up an awesome tire Christmas tree, though it might be fun :).

For my tire shop clients, we have a fun holiday “apres work” and learning session either right before the holidays or in early January.

Creating a social fun atmosphere that gets everyone in a good mood sets a positive undertone and opens people up to learning and accepting change; especially at the close of the busiest quarter of the year.

We begin with a review of the quarterly performance for the shop, we’re discussing the results of the targets we discussed and set in September for the up-coming quarter. We are only looking at the shop as a whole, individual performance is reviewed weekly with each service writer.

I am only presenting information and I solicit feedback from the group because they have the “in the trenches” expertise to shed light on the financial results.

Engaging your team demonstrates you value their input, they are your front line, they know your customers and they know why things came in where they did.

I ask the team what could we have done differently to 1 – increase the top line sales 2 – improve the gross margin % on each product type category.

Writing down the teams ideas and goals sets the stage for our 2021 targets.

This approach often surprises owners as the results from the team are ambitious and elicit pride and motivation to attain the goals and targets they set.

We review the product pricing matrix; I ask them to identify where we can tweak things to improve margins.

We look at the product sales mix to see what tires or products we want to focus on next year to increase margins further.

They share all the challenges they encountered so we can discuss solutions and best practices.

Typically challenges and “wishes” result in identifying shop management software features that we could leverage going forward and the team gets back to the shop with high spirits and motivation to implement everything we discussed.

All this self-reflection and evaluation is performed by the team, I simply facilitate the conversation and steer it where it needs to go.

People are significantly more likely to want to achieve the goals they set for themselves rather than those management sets for them!

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