High-Performance Program

A high-performance coaching program for growing your automotive repair and tire shop business faster and more profitably with the help of PDC Automotive professional accountants

If you already have an established automotive repair and tire shop and you want to take it to the next level fast, then this may be for you.

Before you apply make sure you read this page thoroughly to assess if this program is a fit for you.

Satisfaction guarantee

Our Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied after 3 months, cancel your services and keep all of the dashboards and custom forecasts created for your shop.

We’ll even let you keep your course portal access for your team for 30 days after you cancel.

There are 3 objectives of the PDC High-Performance Program:

work fewer hours

Help you structure your shop so you make the most revenue possible while working fewer hours.

auto repair shop runs itself

Build an amazing automotive repair and tire shop that ultimately runs without you.

change your life for the better

Help change your and your employee’s lives for the better.

Milene Fort

It’s important that you feel totally confident with us through this process, so you can make the best decision for your business.

That means three criteria must be met:

  1. We must know enough about you to be absolutely sure that our approach to helping repair and tire shops will transform your business.
  2. You must know enough about what we do to be certain for yourself that it will transform your business.
  3. That you have the time you need to make the best decision for you.

Let’s Get Started…

Click the below button to book a call with Milene.

We will ask you a few questions so we can learn a bit about your shop – we need to ensure that we can make a difference to your results.

Then you will receive access to a shop owner prepare for your call page.
The page is intended to give you some time, in private, to understand more about the program before you have your call….so there are no surprises!

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I have been using PDC Accountants for both personal and business-related portfolios. They also manage a separate holding company for me and take care of all the related documentation and reporting to my lawyer. After 4 years of working with the team at PDC, I can honestly say that they are a dream come true. Being a small business owner the stress alone they have relieved me of is truly amazing. I can ask for anything I am unclear about to be explained easily and in terms that I can understand. PDC works with you and believes that your success is their success!

Norm Melnichuk

Our main office is located in British Columbia, but we work with clients across Canada

In the “old days”, we would require clients to gather their paperwork and we'd come to their offices to collect them. Now we remotely access your computers allowing us to check-in, assist and tweak whenever you need us to; we do this all the time and clients prefer this process because we can get exactly what we need without making more work for you.

If you want to work less in your business and focus on working on your business to make it more profitable, easier to run, and positioned for a sale, contact us and see how our team can change your life.

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