With over 25 years of accounting experience between them, combined with their work in automotive repair shops, Andrew and Milène work as a team to deliver the most comprehensive profit-driven accounting solution for automotive repair shops.

Andrew Pitre - PDC

Andrew Pitre


Parts technician, accountant, and entrepreneur. Andrew takes each designation just as seriously today as when he first started working for Pacific Coast Heavy Truck Group when apprenticing for his parts technician journeyman ticket.
Raised in BC, practically growing up in the garages and shops where his father worked, Andrew has personally lived the life of an entrepreneur, giving him insight into the challenges, struggles, and a unique way of functioning other professionals often miss.
After spending several years working as a parts technician in one of the most profitable Volvo truck dealerships in the lower mainland, Andrew decided to expand his business skills set so he could eventually start his own business. Taking economics at the University of Victoria, he would receive his CA designation in 2008. Andrew then looked to study tax law through in-depth coursework and further specialized training. Merging his extensive auto industry expertise with the skills of a professional accountant, he has worked with his partner to develop a comprehensive internal accounting program and course for shop owners, bookkeepers, and controllers.
Milene Fort - PDC

Milene Fort-Pitre


Getting her BA in Commerce was just the beginning. A fascination with financial reports, budgets, and forecasting — not to mention sales figures of all kinds — led Milène towards her CA designation. Working in jobs at the highest levels of publishing, manufacturing, sales, and distribution only concentrated her interest further as she dove deep into problem-solving, often through the use of software and process implementation. Milène is focused on finding better ways to improve cash flow through improved processes and the implementation of better technology.
Thanks to her role as a controller for a group of successful aftermarket tire and repair shops, she has developed a profit-based accounting system that delivers results in the form of saving time, money, and developing a robust profitable shop with a collaborative team approach.
She has mastered industry-specific Point of Sale and Shop Management software systems (such as Costar) to give owners the ability to regularly monitor their shop and labour performance, work to set goals with owners, and embed in the software the appropriate parameters required to measure and achieve sales and gross profit targets.

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