Marketing in the digital era.

Marketing in the digital era.

 Marketing in the digital era


Do you have a loyal Facebook following? Everyone over 30 is on Facebook. So much so that the kids joke that it’s the “old people’s” social media. Because the kids these days are all latching on to other social media platforms that us “oldies” can’t figure out.

And to that, I say ‘Hoorah!’, because when it comes to marketing and communicating to possible customers, we only care to get in front of people with buying power, so this truly makes it simple.

Not only is it simple, but it’s practically free.

Ask your kid to set up your Facebook page. Heck, offer to pay them a weekly allowance to post and update content. If they have good writing skills and some understanding of your business they’re possibly in a great position to help out the family business in a meaningful way!

Get going by inviting all your friends and family to like your page. Then, make sure you send customers a ‘thank you for your business’ email and invite them to like your page.

I’m sure you’ve been invited to participate in contests to win free things by “like our page and share” types of contests. Go ahead and have one of your own. Imagine the results of one campaign in October to offer free winter tires by liking and sharing your page!

Once you have a mass of consumers who have liked your page you can start posting relevant information on a regular basis. Content should be designed to capture their attention and motivate them to make an appointment or purchase from your shop.

For example, you might want to post a link to “The Old Farmer’s Almanac” showing that the expected annual weather summary for your area predicts “above-normal precipitation and snowfall”.

Anyone who was considering trying to get away without buying a set of winter tires for their new vehicle (because consumer vehicle purchases have been strong for the 2018 and 2019 periods) might be persuaded to come by your shop before the busy season to order up a new set of rubber and rims for their vehicle.

The key is to recruit consumers to like your page and then regularly post engaging content that ties back to why they should buy from you. That surely is worth a little extra allowance, isn’t it?

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